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Affymetrix Error rate

About this program

This program is designed to read all the text output files from the Affymertix genotyping Console in a folder and find the following information for each file:

1. The total number of SNPs
2. The number of NoCall genotypes
3. The number of duplicated SNP genotypes
4. The number of duplicated genotypes (from 3) that differ between the duplicates

When exporting the genotype data from the Affymetrix Genotyping Console, each file must contain the data for only one sample and contain the SNPs RS name. When the program has extracted the relevant data it exports the data to a plain text file (with the *.xls file extension) called ErrorRates.xls. This is placed in the same folder as the genotype data files.

insilicase icon This program can be downloaded from here.

Computer requirements

This program runs on Microsoft Windows, using the .NET 2.0 environment which can be obtained from here.

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