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dbQC PHRED quality score database

About this program

This program is an extension to MaximumPhred.exe and was written as a way of keeping track of the quality of sequences produced by our local sequence service. The quality scores can be viewed with respect to the originator of the DNA, the machine operator, a machine or a capillary. This data can then be viewed graphically making it is possible to quickly identify if a capillary is about to fail or a specific machine is under performing. Similarly, it is possible to link poor quality sequence to either a DNA source or a machine operator.

Like RegionOfInterest.exe and MaximumPhred.exe the program uses the ABI (*.phd.1) files generated by the ABI base caller. These are then added to an access database file, linking them to DNA source, operator, machine and well. When a number of 'runs' have been performed the data can be interrogated to identify trends in sequence quality.

For short description on how the Phred scores are calculated look here.

While this program uses an access database file to store the information it does NOT require MS Access to be installed on the local computer.

insilicase iconAn in depth user guide can be seen here.
While the program and an empty database file can be downloaded here.

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