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Inter-conversion of curies and Becquerels

Purpose of this page

This page allows you to convert between different units of radioactive. However, while many people use cps or cpm, it is not easy to convert these values into curies or Becquerels, since it changes with make and model of detector and the distance the detector is from the source. This conversion depends on the isotope and equipment used and can only be done with reference to the Geiger counters manual.

One disintegration per second equals 1 Becquerel and 1 curie (Ci) equals 3.7 times 10 to the power 10 disintegration per second, therefore 3.7 times 10 to the power 10

To convert a value between the different units, enter the measurement, select the current units and press the calculate button.

Enter the activity and select the units





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