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Typical IBDFinder regions in control individuals

About this page

This page shows IBD regions found by IBDFinder in normal central Europeans. The program was loaded with NSP and STY SNP chip data files from 29 individuals. The data was then screened with a cut off value of '20' SNPs. Each image is drawn to the same scale.

These images are from the lower panel in IBDFinder

A number of very common small IBD regions appear, while a few larger ones are also apparent. These can arise from errors in genotyping due to the presence common duplications (see the centromere region of chromosome 16), due to regions containing numerous uninformative SNPs for that population or because of recent selective pressure (i.e. the LCT gene on chromosome 2 at about 136.5Mb).

To view the images press these buttons to select a chromosome.

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