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About this program

This program calculates the relative levels of two sequence variants from sequence trace files. The analysis is performed in batches which can contain over 1000 trace files. However, it is recommended to use sequences on a per plate bases. The program exports the data to an excel file and an optional web page.

Examples of applications include:

  • Estimation of proportions of somatic mutant sequences in tumour DNA
  • Determination of genotypes at complex loci comprising 2–4 target copies per haploid genome
  • Estimation of allele frequencies among pooled DNA samples
  • Comparative analysis of sequence variants that define gene–pseudogene differences
  • Estimation of relative allelic expression levels in RT-PCR products

insilicase icon This program and its instruction file is currently hosted on mirror of my old departments web site and can obtained from here. A copy of the guide is also kept on this site here.

QSVanalyser has been published by Bioinformatics:


Carr IM, Robinson JI, Dimitriou R, Markham AF, Morgan AW, Bonthron DT. (2009). Inferring relative proportions of DNA variants from sequencing electropherograms. Bioinformatics December 25:3244-3250

Computer requirements

This program runs on Microsoft Windows, using the .NET 2.0 environment which can be obtained from here.

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