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Affymetrix SNP data

Purpose of this page

This page allows you to download Affymetrix SNP data file in the format used by the programs on this site. These files originated from the data sets used when publishing the mapping programs. The files are stored on my departmental site, on various program download pages.

SAMPLE paper files
These files are from a five of nuclear families belonging three different pedigrees. While the families had affected children, only data is available for their unaffected siblings. Download them from here (~132Mb)
DominantMapper paper files
These files are from an extended outbreed family from a small village in Mexico. Download them from here (~200Mb)
IBDFinder paper files
These files are from a number of inbreed families extended from Pakistan as well as two white British born people. They are quite old been 50k HindIII SNP file. Download from here

More information on the pedigrees and data files can be found in the relevant papers or the programs user guide on my department web page here.

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