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About this program

This program is designed to analyse data from an Illumina clonal sequencer. It is able to detect single base variations as well as short deletions and insertions. The program works in conjunction with a second program which processes the raw output from the machine. This helper program is able to screen the raw data for low quality reads as well as segregate the data by a 5' sequence tag which can be up to 6 bases long.

The data is aligned to a reference sequence which is created by the program from either NCBI genbank reference sequences or plain text data files. If a genbank web page is used any SNPs in the file are stored in the reference file and displayed next to variants found in the sequence data. The program can also create a dataset of SNP found in other sequence runs, this can then be displayed next to the aligned data so common SNP can be easily identified.

When exported sequence variants are annotated with reference to the original genomic sequence and where appropriate cDNA and protein sequence.

insilicase icon This program is still under development; however it can be downloaded along with a user guide from here on my departmental webpage. A copy of the user guide is also kept on this site here.


Carr IM, Morgan JE, Diggle CP, Sheridan EG, Markham AF, Logan CV, Inglehearn CF, Taylor GR, Bonthron DT (2011). Illuminator, a desktop program for mutation detection using short-read clonal sequencing. Genomics 2011 Oct;98(4):302-9.

Computer requirements

This program runs on Microsoft Windows, using the .NET 2.0 environment which can be obtained from here.

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