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OD 260nm to primer concentration

This page is designed to estimate the concentration of single stranded DNA primers from the OD at 260nm. Generally speaking PCR primers are not self complementary and so are single stranded, however linker oligonucleotides used in cloning mybe self annealing by design and so not work correctly on the wed page .

  Primer sequence
  OD at 260nm
  Path length (cm)
  Dilution factor

Points to remember:

Since the efficiency of primer synthesis is not 100% there may be a significant proportion of oligonucleotide that are of the wrong length/sequence, especially if they have not been HPLC purified or extracted from a SDS page gel. Similarly, the primer may also contain salts from the synthesis reaction, so checking the OD at 280 and 230nm may be a good idea. The ratios should be about 1.8 for 260/280 and 1.5 for 260/230nm.
The extinction coefficient of the nucleotide bases differ from each base, therefore the program requires the primer sequence to calculate the correct extinction coefficent.

  • dATP = 15,400L/mole
  • dCTP = 7,500L/mole
  • dGTP = 11,700L/mole
  • dTTP =  9,200L/mole


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